To the International 22nd Physical Therapy Conference – Cairo University

(22nd IPTCUU)

Under the heading:

” Physical Therapy and Quality of life”

27th-28th July 2023 at Grand Nile Tower Hotel (formerly Grand Hayat) – Cairo


Under the patronage of

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Othman El-Khosht

President of Cairo University, Egypt


Prof. Dr. Amel Mohamed Yousef

Dean of the Faculty of Physical therapy, Cairo University

& the Conference Chairman


 Has the honor to inform you of holding the events of the 22nd international conference of the faculty of physical therapy- Cairo University, entitled “Physical therapy and Quality of Life”, scheduled to be held on Thursday and Friday, 27th -28th July 2023 at Grand Nile Tower Hotel (formerly Grand Hayat) – Cairo.


I. Objectives of the Conference

1. Highlighting the community role of physiotherapy in various disciplines to improve quality of life in the realization of Egypt’s Vision 2030

2. Exchange of scientific and practical experiences and skills between international cadres and experts in various fields of physiotherapy.

3. Contribute to raising the scientific and therapeutic competence of the physical therapists in all health institutions to improve the profession and achieve a distinct level of performance by reviewing and discussing the best research involved in the fields of physiotherapy and rehabilitation and highlighting the latest recommendations that can be applied in this field to serve the community.

4. Provide researchers with the opportunity to collaborate for joint scientific research in various fields of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

5. Developing researchers’ capabilities for innovation in scientific research and evidence-based physiotherapy practice in various physiotherapy disciplines.


II. Conference themes:

1. The role and importance of manual therapy in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

2. The importance and role of evidence-based physiotherapy practice and its applications in different specialties.

3. Recent physiotherapy methods in assessing and treating spinal disorders.

4. The role of physiotherapy in the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction.

5. Exchange of information on the recent methods of rehabilitation of children with special needs

6. Rehabilitation of gait and balance disorders

7. Use of technology in rehabilitation and evaluation.

8. Exchange of experiences in rehabilitating central nervous system patients and improving their quality of life.

9.  Rehabilitation of burns, diabetic foot, and post-surgical patients.

10. Exchange of experiences for the recent methods of rehabilitating athletes’ injuries.

11. Physiotherapy and its role in the rehabilitation of kidney diseases and oncology patients.

12. Rehabilitation of cardiac and elderly patients and improving respiratory functions.

13. Body mechanical disorders and preventive measures for a better life.


Workshops on the conference sidelines

Workshops will, also, be organized to serve the new in the field of physical therapy. Fees for each workshop are individually determined) subscriptions are apart from the subscriptions of the conference)


May Allah grant us all success to serve the physiotherapy profession and Cairo University

Kindly, your Honor, accept our sincere thanks and appreciation



Dean of the Faculty of Physical Therapy

 & Chairman of the Conference

Prof. Dr. Amel Mohamed Yousef