Training Summer Course (Observe-ship Program)

The Training office in the faculty of physical therapy: Cairo university offer the service of holding an observe-ship program for international students (undergraduate) students: It includes a clinical introduction for assessment and treatment of the patient depending on different departments, allowing the student to have discussions with the academic staff while doing the plan of treatment. Observing the therapist while doing it will give them clinical experience and experience new techniques and treatments.

The program takes place at the faculty outpatient (daily) clinics which receive around 1000 patients monthly.

List of clinical departments:

  1. PT for orthopedic.
  2. PT for neuro
  3. PT for pediatric
  4. PT for burn & surgery


Studying language of the program is English, but the national language in Egypt is Arabic, so the doctors speak to the patients in Arabic and the doctors will translate the important information into English.


300$ has to be paid for the first 2 weeks. And then 100$ will be paid for each additional week Minimum 2 weeks.

Maximum 4 weeks for each student.

Important point:

The only way to apply for our observeship program is our website. so apply directly here through the application form. We don’t have any co-operation with agents.


There are only a limited number of places available each year.

The applications have to be submitted from the period of 15th March 2019 – 15th May 2019.

The program date:

The period available from 1st of July to 30th Aug you should choose the period that suits you in the application form.


  1. Electronic application should be done through the website with attachment of:
  2. A scan copy of the passport.
  3. Academic transcript defines that the student successfully passed at least the first year.


If you don’t need visa to enter Egypt follow this:

  1. Send us your application.
  2. If you are accepted you will pay the total fees.

If you need visa to enter Egypt follow this:

  1. Send us your application.
  2. If you are accepted you will pay 30% of the fees (not refundable) to send you an invitation letter.
  3. If your visa accepted, you will pay the rest of the money before joining the program.


You will receive a certificate by the faculty of physical therapy. Cairo university. For completion of observeship program if the attendance is at least 80% of the course.

This certificate is not considered a license for practice, it is only a training program. Certificate concerning a patient observation.

The city of Cairo:

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. It has a lot of historical places and a lot of things to do has all facilities you may need. And you will enjoy both learning & having good time

to Apply please fill this application here

contact us:

Prof. Soheir Sheata ” ” Mobile: (002) 01224003374

Mr. Diaa ElDin Ashraf “” Mobile: (002) 01154566003

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